Monday, July 7, 2008

To Independence!

In honor of Independence days everywhere (happy July 4th!), we celebrated Madagascar’s independence last week on June 26th. A few rituals were the same—fireworks in the sky, fireworks in the streets (mostly set off by adolescent boys)—it was a whole family affair. For days leading up to the 26th I saw all these colorful paper lanterns being sold in the market. Could these really be for decorating a family’s home? I soon came to realize their true purpose after witnessing a band of small children swinging illuminated lanterns with reckless abandon in the dark streets that night, shrieking with joy and singing the national anthem. What I also realized was that these lanterns were lit with a real candle, and probably could burst into flames at any moment. No US toy regulator would let those go through. Ah, liability. Check out the kids walking back after the fireworks through the streets of Morondova…..


Dory said...

I suppose candles and paper lanterns are not as bad as some of the fireworks people blow their hands off with here in the states every July 4th! Although I still wouldn't want my child swinging around a candle lit paper lantern either!

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