Sunday, July 13, 2008

a small point of clarification

Some of you might be suspicious of this whole “field research” thing--do you suspect that really I’ve been in an internet café in Tana this whole time, posting blog entries? How else does the blog get updated when I’m presumably “in the field?” Well, with the beauty of technology, and the never-ending brilliance of the google team, I can pre-post! I know, sorry if that takes the mystique out of it all, but I’m just trying to keep you all (one, two of you?) reading the blog during the times that I’m out of contact. Oh, the world-wide-interweb, you constantly amaze me. So yes, in fact, all this talk about rice and beans and no showering…alas, it’s true.


Dory said...

There's at least one reader and it's me!

catronjoe said...

Your research looks like it is going well. I enjoyed reading your blogs. Lemurs must be the cutest adult animal on the planet. After working with them would you agree or is thier willingness to give up fecal samples stain their cuteness? Hope things keep going well. Best wishes.

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