Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting there....

We made it all in one piece to Betampona after a 4x4, a canoe crossing, a taxi-brousse and a 4 km slip and slide mud walk.

We even made it with all 9 of our bags (3 bags for the research equipment, 3 personal bags for Bethany, Herman and myself, and then 3 whopping bags of food). You have to bring all of your necessities with you—there’s no grocery store on the corner up here. Although if you get in dire straits, you can always hire a porter to head back down the mountain to the nearest village (~ 4 kilometers away) to purchase anything from the following available items (the typical village stock): Three Horses Beer (THB), the drink of choice in Madagascar, local rum, rice, or crackers. Take your pick! We try to bring up as many fresh vegetables as possible, but when those start to go bad, it’s back to the old standard: rice and beans.

Check out the resourceful porters carrying our beast-sized bags…they will most likely still beat us up the slippery mountainside. In flip flops no less.

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mstoll80 said...


Some of your readers may be interested in seeing a piece of Madagascar back at home. The Bronx Zoo has just opened
an exhibit titled Madagascar that can give them just a small taste of what you must be experiencing in Madagascar and, more importantly,a first-hand experience with the animals you're working so hard to take care of. Also, the New York Academy of Sciences just released a Podcast speaking with the director of the Madagascar program that is also very informative. You can listen to that here.